Inside the London Fire Brigade

Less than 9 hours to go now until ITVs documentary ‘Inside the London Fire Brigade’ is aired.

Tune in at 9pm this evening!

(If you’re in he UK you can watch the trailer at

I feel so honoured to have had this amazing opportunity to participate in such an extraordinary documentary.

My two biggest jobs which have by far affected me the most in my career, both featured!

To be able to the public we serve exactly what we do and how we show up for them is just phenomenal!

Get a closer look and see what firefighters really do.

See the smoke and feel the fire.

Experience the joy, the sadness, and the pain.

Take a momentary Walk in the boots of a firefighter and experience the journey.

Some joke about cats in trees which is fair enough as it does happen, (although I personally haven’t experienced it in 13 years service), but this three part documentary gives insight to what this job really involves.

My emotions are all over the place!

How can I be so happy yet so sad.

My sweet Mother isn’t here today to witness something she would’ve been so proud off.

Although I’ve learned to live with without her, the pain remains the same and the void and unhappiness within me remains.

I really wished she was right there by my side last night to hold me as I reminisced and relived the pain from my recent experiences documented for all to see.

I made attempt to visualise her there watching the production with me but overcome with emotions my attempts were unsuccessful.

It’s all good though, I know she’d be so proud of both the Man I have become but also the Man i strive to be.

Before my beautiful Mother passed 12 years ago she had a worry box in which she wrote her worries, wishes and fears.

To read her little poster notes yesterday forced tears to role down my cheeks as recalled the moment she wrote them.

I finally feel that I have honoured her wish. ‘ EDRIC TO FIND A CAREER HE LOVES AND WILL FLOURISH’.

I love my job Ma, and I’m flourishing!

I watched the premier viewing yesterday evening and melted in my seat as I watched myself on the big screen.


What else can I say but I hope you all enjoy the Insight!

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