About Edric

Edric Kennedy-Macfoy is a passionate firefighter with a difference. Edric, who was born and raised in West London has been working with the London Fire Brigade for nearly 13 years.

Despite his determination to save lives, Edric has been plagued by tragedy.

At the age of 22, his beloved mother passed away from cancer, leaving him to care for his 12-year-old brother who wished to remain with him as opposed to going to stay with their Father.

Edric was forced to grow up quickly, and the loss of his mother was a devastating blow that thrust him into manhood, as he was now both mother and father to his younger brother. Prior to his mother’s passing, Edric also lost his best friend to cancer at the young age of 21.

Though clouded by sadness and darkness, Edric has always found the light in the darkest of situations and with a pure heart, has pressed on, despite what he has been through.

Although Edric has seen a lot of tragedy, he has refused to let it define him.

Edric has a steely sense of courage and determination to make a positive impact in the life of everyone that he encounters. This is his life’s ambition, to help those in need and to change lives for the better.

Edric is a fan of healthy living but also believes in balance.

As well as working in the London Fire brigade, he also partners with friend and fellow firefighter Vyn Batchelor to run the ‘Firefighter Fit Squad’ where they run boot camps, and have a range of fitness programmes that help people to stay fit and healthy, both internally and externally.

Edric took to the vegan lifestyle late last year after researching and watching a documentary he claims opened his eyes.

He has just landed a book deal with Hey House publishing firm. His book ‘How to be Vegan’ in which he shares his journey and dispels the myths of veganism is due to hit the shelves in summer 2018.

Edric is currently featured in the ITV show Inside the London Brigade, where he gives his harrowing first-hand account of responding to the Grenfell Fire incident. It is the first time that Edric has spoken about his experience publicly. He admits that it’s the biggest incident that he has ever had to attend to, and that he saw things that will stay with him for life. It has made him even more determined to live life to the fullest, and to encourage others to do the same.

Edric runs a Facebook group for vegans and anyone interested in becoming healthier, happier and helping the world by switching to a more plant-based diet. Join a bunch of likeminded individuals in the group, ‘A Bunch of F**ing Vegetables‘.

Once you’re in, you’ll benefit from:

  • Positive, healthy, happy lifestyle advice
  • Vegan recipes and meal ideas
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Restaurant and vegan food reviews
  • Plant-powered performance – how to improve strength, stamina, speed and overall fitness through a vegan diet
  • Tons of other cool stuff